If pupils are registered for an exam, the registration date and year and season of the exam. Includes QCA and pupil retention data.



Where one of the results for 2 overlapping subjects are removed, or discounted, from performance tables. Includes P scales, multi-year discount flags and key stage 5 discount flags.

Results withheld by school

Whether a school withheld test results or not including if they were unavailable with or without a reason.

Pupil inclusion

Whether a pupil is included in funding and results calculations or not. Includes reasons for exemptions, results withheld by schools, value-added calculations and discount flags. Excludes Value Added Calculations (see 'Progression between key stages' category).

KS5 pupil retention

The number of pupils that completed the core aim of a qualification at KS5. Includes cohort flags.

Number of key stage 4 entries and awards

Total number of GCSE (or equivalent) entered for during key stage 4.

Number of key stage 5 entries and awards

Total number of A levels (or equivalent) entered for during key stage 5, including total size and points of qualification entries

Exam registration

If pupils are registered on a post advanced level course, GNVQ, NVQ, IBacc, EBacc or apprenticeship, the exam awarding body number and early taker flags.

When assessment taken

The year and season of an exam and the date the pupil first registered.