Pupil exclusions details. Includes the dates, year and term of exclusion, the number of missed sessions and the reason for exclusion.


Academic year of exclusion

Academic year of the Census when the exclusion was collected.

Census date

Census reference date.

Census term when exclusion reported

Census term when the exclusion data was collected.

Exclusion start date

For each exclusion, exclusion start date

Local authority of exclusion

Local Authority responsible for the most recent exclusion.

Number of sessions excluded from

For each exclusion, number of sessions excluded from.

Permanent exclusion indicator

Permanent Exclusion Indicator.

Reason for exclusion

For each exclusion, reason for exclusion.

Source of exclusion data

Source from which main characteristics have been taken

Term exclusion started

Academic term when the exclusion started based on the start date of the exclusion.

Type of exclusion

For each exclusion, type of exclusion (PERM, FIXD, LNCH). Set to PERM for earlier years when indicator did not exist.

Year group when exclusion occurred

National Curriculum Year Group at the time of the exclusion