Find and explore data in the National Pupil Database

Use this tool to find and explore data in the NPD, before applying to access Department for Education (DfE) data extracts.


The National Pupil Database (NPD) is a key DfE data store, covering education, skills and children services data for individual learners in England.

Use this tool to find and explore data in the NPD before applying to access DfE data extracts.

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How to use the tool

There are two ways you can explore the type of data the NPD holds:

Browsing via categories

Browsing the tool using the 4 high level categories:

  • attainment
  • demographics
  • absence and exclusion
  • children in need and children looked after

You can then search for more precise categories until you find the group of data items in which you are interested.

For example, the 'Authorised absence due to study leave' contains 6 similar data items.

You can also find specific categories using a simple text search.

Browsing via datasets

If you are a more experienced user, you may want to search for the data items you are interested in using the names of the DfE collections as we hold them in the NPD.

There are 23 collections within NPD – for example the termly School Census.

Saving a list of favourite data items

If you would like to save your favourite data items you can use ‘My List’.